Precious in the Sight of the Lord is the Death of His Saints

In light of my wife’s faithful and loving grandmother’s crossing the threshold of heaven this week, I am reminded of the verse:

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15

These words remind us of God’s immense love for His sons and daughters. At no point in their lives is he a distant observer. Rather, He is an ever present, sovereign, involved Father- every step of the way. Including the final step of their earthy lives.

Their death, says the psalmist, is precious in His sight. Why is it precious? Because for them, it is the last trial they will go through. It is the last time they will ever feel pain. It is the last effect of a sinful and fallen world that they will experience. Endless joy, peace, comfort, and fulfillment lay ahead.

It is also precious because it is the end of the journey of faith. Now, God can show his beloved children what it is like to walk by sight instead of by faith. Surely He knows how amazing this experience will be for them, for those who have walked by faith for years in a sin-tossed and broken world. How precious is it that He now gets to usher His children into His immediate presence?

Finally, the death of God’s saints are precious to Him because He has conquered death for them. He sent His Son to experience death on a cross as a payment for sin, in their place. Yet death could not hold Him! By His resurrection, Jesus conquered death and now rules over it. When one of God’s saints walks through the door of death to the glorious world of heaven, it brings him joy to see His beloved experience all that he has accomplished for them- especially the fact that death no longer rules over them.

They have finished the race. They are home safe. With their Father. Nothing can ever hurt, discourage, or draw them away from Him. They are His- forever. That is precious to Him!

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