A Type Of The One To Come: Seeing Jesus in the Story of Adam & Eve

What is the Bible really about? Is it about us-what we should do, how we should act, laws we should obey? The Bible isn’t about us. It’s all about Jesus-even the Old Testament. Join us as we  identify the amazing symbols, themes, and types of Jesus and salvation in the Old Testament. If you’ve grown up thinking the Old Testament is boring, buckle up and be prepared to see the Scriptures come to life.The

Discovering the True Jesus (pt. 6)- God’s Radical Pursuit of Mankind

I was able to preach this Sunday at Living Hope Church, so instead of writing a post this week, I decided to post a video of a sermon clip from this week’s sermon. This clip is about how Jesus came to earth as a result of God’s radical pursuit of mankind that has been going on ever since we broke relationship with Him in the Garden of Eden. I hope you enjoy.